Expanding trade and investment and raising the level of opening

Date:2018-03-22 17:19:18 Browse times:1501

    General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the nineteen report, "the basic national policy of opening to the outside world Chinese, adhere to open the door to engage in construction, and actively promote the" The Belt and Road 'international cooperation, and strive to achieve policy communication facilities, Unicom, trade flow, capital circulation, the people connected, to create a new platform for international cooperation and common development to add new impetus." Premier Li Keqiang also made it clear in the March 20th press meeting that the "door to the reform and opening up will be more open and bigger." This year is nineteen at the beginning of the year, "13th Five-Year" is also a key year. The Chinese as the world's largest trade in goods, the second largest foreign investor in China is standing a key node in the 40 years of reform and opening up, through the transformation of government functions, to promote the "tube service" make snap reform, improve the business environment, to further expand the opening to the outside world. The author thinks that we should further play the important role of trade and investment as an engine of economic growth, and achieve high quality development of economy so as to achieve a higher level of opening to the outside world.

    At present, the global trade protectionism is rising, and the United States has adopted various tariff and non-tariff barriers to protect its domestic market. China has not only increased import tariffs, but also reduced import tariffs on cars and some other consumer goods, and even strives to achieve zero tax rates for key commodities related to people's well-being. Chinese personally to the world further opens the door not only shows a high level of opening up, also demonstrated an exemplary conduct and nobility of character a great country.

    Not only that, China's international import exposition, which will be held this year, has also attracted much attention. At present, the Expo has attracted more than 120 countries and 15 thousands of domestic and foreign buyers to participate in the exhibition. This will not only enable Chinese people to enjoy high-quality products at home, but also to bring more than 400 million middle-class consumer groups to the world, which has huge potential for consumption. In a sense, this is a new measure for China to solve the trade deficit and optimize the trade structure through the field mechanism construction, and also provides an international public product for building a higher level international cooperation platform.

    In addition to holding the import fair as a permanent mechanism, China is further innovating the way of trade. The Internet Silk Road, which is brought by cross-border e-commerce, is in progress every day, and its growth rate has reached over 30% per year. Through the construction, promotion and further expansion of the pilot area of the 13 cross-border electricity supplier test area, China is trying to improve the quality of cross-border e-commerce development to a higher level. Through the cross-border electricity supplier this online silk road from Argentina, South Africa's shrimp, beef can China to the people on the table, which not only brings opportunities to the world, but also to China people bring more choices, more to achieve the China and the world to share and win-win.

    In addition, the promotion of the development of service trade is at the right time. Modern service industry has always been an important part of our national economy, and it is also an important content of modern industrial system. Premier Li Keqiang pointed out at the press conference that further opening the service industry will bring some cost to the service trade, but it can promote the competitiveness of our industry. These words have pointed out the direction for the development, opening and international standard of the service industry in the future. The author believes that in the coming period of time, although China's service trade is in a state of deficit, it will continue to further promote the access of service industry. For example, Telecom will relax pension and health care, education and finance access to further increase efforts, including insurance, futures and other financial industry opening up, reduce or even abolish foreign equity restrictions, in order to open more markets to promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, promote the balanced development of trade, optimize trade structure.

    The construction of "The Belt and Road" open platform, realize the sharing of development will be the direction of the opening up of China in the future. In recent years, China has given greater freedom of reform to the free trade pilot area by enhancing the development level of various development zones, and is also exploring the building of a free trade port to create a new height of reform and opening up. China is working to promote the liberalization and facilitation of trade and investment, and has built 16 free trade zones with 24 countries and regions. In the future, China will be further integrated into the development of the world economy by increasing its openness to the outside world.

    In fact, in order to achieve high quality development, China should not only open to the outside world, but also achieve a higher level, higher level and higher quality. At present, China is to further promote the "The Belt and Road international cooperation, will the hinterland, Chinese Midwest as the forefront of reform and opening up, embracing the world, to achieve a new pattern of all-round opening. Through the "The Belt and Road" international cooperation with other countries to achieve development strategic docking, the construction of a major thoroughfare of Unicom International interoperability, to build a new pattern of all-round opening. With the construction of digital silk road, silk road space, "The Belt and Road" along the national will in the global value chain, industrial chain and the supply chain's position has been improved.

    With the rise of isolationism and trade protectionism, China is committed to building a human destiny community by firmly implementing the policy of opening to the outside world, supporting free trade, adhering to the main channel of WTO trade and opposing trade protectionism, and achieving common development with all countries in the world. We have reason to believe that, at the key point of the 40 year reform and opening up, the further expansion of China's opening to the outside world will surely lead to globalization.