The EU has issued 10 pages of a list of tax retaliatory tariffs.

Date:2018-03-22 17:19:23 Browse times:2707

    The EU side 16 released a draft plan to collect up to 25% of the total 6 billion 400 million euros of the US products to collect the most of the retaliatory tariffs, as a measure to fight the Trump administration's restrictions on the import of steel and aluminum products. ?

    A total of 10 pages of retaliatory tariff objects were divided into two parts:

    The first is a list of about 2 billion 800 million euros of retaliatory tariffs, once the United States has imposed restrictions on the import of steel and aluminum products such as the EU.

    The other part is a list of about 3 billion 600 million euros that the world trade organization will implement after the U. S. measures are found to be in violation of the rules.

    In addition to American motorcycle and bourbon, the draft list also includes Orange Juice, tobacco, rice, corn and other agricultural products such as clothing, jeans, involving a wide range. The EU will finalize the list based on the opinion and judgment of the industry and member countries.

    According to reports, the US import restrictions will come into force on the 23 of this month. In the European Union, the EU Trade Commissioner Malm Stellen is seeking to hold talks with the US business secretary Ross. He also advocates that the US should not place the EU in the import restriction object on the grounds of national security. Saunders, a White House spokesman, said, "President Trump is negotiating with many countries on this issue."