Ningbo and the "one belt, one road" national trade docking conference and major procurement project signing ceremony were held successfully.

Date:2020-11-30 16:15:25 Browse times:2011

In one belt, one road and one belt, one road to develop the Yangtze River Delta, the regional trade integration and exchange platform was actively established to promote Ningbo's international economic and trade cooperation. In the afternoon of November 6th, Ningbo's "one belt and one road" national trade and investment docking conference and major project signing ceremony were successfully held in Shanghai. More than 250 representatives from domestic and foreign government departments, commercial institutions, relevant enterprises and news media attended the docking meeting. Li, vice mayor of the municipal government, and Wang Jian, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Commerce, attended the meeting and spoke. Zhang Yan, director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Secretary of the Party group, attended the meeting. Vice secretary general Yan Weiqiao presided over the meeting.

In his speech, vice mayor Li said that Ningbo's foreign trade exports completed a V-shaped reversal in the first three quarters, the economic situation was stable and improved, and various indicators achieved year-on-year growth, which played an important role in stabilizing and restructuring the global industrial chain and supply chain. At present, Ningbo is taking Ningbo as an opportunity to accelerate the implementation of a series of specific measures of institutional innovation and policy innovation, and strive to maximize the advantages of opening up. In the next step, Ningbo will continue to implement China's new round of high-level opening-up strategic measures, seize the opportunities and dividends brought by the third China International Import Expo, build a bridge between domestic and foreign enterprises "entering Ningbo" and Ningbo enterprises "going out", share new opportunities for high-level foreign development, and jointly create a new high-quality development future.

Deputy director Wang Jian said that Ningbo is an important birthplace of the ancient maritime Silk Road, with a long history of opening up and far-reaching influence. China's one belt, one road, -CEEC Ningbo was set up last year to make Ningbo a bridgehead for trade and investment cooperation with the "one belt and one way" country. This year, Ningbo, China (Zhejiang) pilot Free Trade Zone, successfully landed. These unique development advantages one belt, one road, and the other countries in Ningbo, Zhejiang and the Yangtze River Delta region. One belt, one road and one belt, one road, is hoped to further enhance understanding, expand consensus and promote more cooperation results. It will create a "Zhejiang model" for China and "one belt and one road" national friendly cooperation, and contribute to "Zhejiang experience" and jointly write a new chapter in the win-win development of Zhejiang.

Director Zhang Yan delivered a speech entitled "building a new pattern of dual cycle development and sharing the dividend of Ningbo's opening up". He introduced the advantages of Ningbo's import trade, broad prospects and unlimited business opportunities in the future. He pointed out the huge demand of Ningbo market for advanced technology and equipment, central and Eastern European commodities and cross-border e-commerce. He also introduced the China CEEC Expo and the international consumer goods Expo meeting. He said that the Ministry of Commerce of Ningbo will continue to provide good services, implement policies, create favorable conditions, create a world-class business environment at a high level, promote mutually beneficial cooperation, win-win development, and jointly create a better future.